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The ‘F’ Word: How to Survive Your Family

Popular comedian Louie Anderson, whose book about his alcoholic father, Dear Dad, was a New York Times bestseller, fixes his sights on his dysfunctional family and especially his l0 siblings-to show how families succeed despite their best efforts at self-sabotage. ‘Most of us are crazy people, raised by crazy people who were themselves raised by crazy people,’ says Louie Anderson.In this alternately hilarious and poignant program, Anderson talks about his unique family, in which all seem to have competed in a race to see who could be the most, well, ‘off.’The competition was stiff, with five sisters who married hard-drinking types and a brother who was wanted by the FBI. Louie explains how his family background, as well as some truly bizarre exchanges during his host stint on syndicated TV’s popular ‘Family Feud,’ have given him insights into how to ‘survive’ your family.