Louie Anderson hopes ‘Baskets’ will help people embrace different families instead of labeling them ‘those weirdos’


Backstage after his Emmy win for supporting actor in a comedy series, veteran stand-up comic Louie Anderson talked about his award and his show. “These are so much heavier than you think. But then again, so am I,” he quipped.

“Mostly I had this family who propelled me into this business because of the chaos I was raised in, and this was the outlet,” he continued. “I was lucky enough to find comedy. This is for my mother. I’m playing her, this is her award.”

“This show is all about not fitting in and then fitting in perfectly. We live in a society of exclusion. When I was a kid we lined up in two lines—the projects line, which I was in, and then the rich kids line.

I hope Season 2 of ‘Baskets’ will help people see… different kinds of families and embrace those families instead of calling them ‘those weirdos’.”